My name is Ashley.
Catholic, Army Wife, (Dog) Mom, and Registered Nurse.
Just an ambitious Jersey girl, just taking life day by day and trying to make a difference in the world.
June 2, 2012 ♥

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Space view of earth and moon

For photographer Nich Hance McElroy fall means farm work. Join Nich – and faithful sheepdog, Finn — as he documents his small scale sheep shearing business for Filson Life:
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Any mommies that had spotting and went on to have a health pregnancy and baby?

I went to the ER for spotting and have never felt more scared. Little peanut’s heart was beating at 167 bpm and my blood work and urine came back fine. Still, it makes me so nervous to see blood. I have a follow up with my OB tomorrow, but just wanted some reassurance. This is our first baby, so of course the logical-nurse self is totally out the window lol.

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